QOR application structure overview

This image shows the high-level structure of a typical QOR application.

QOR application structure

The core of QOR is the "Engine". It is kind of a "resource box". Because every piece of data (aka content) is a resource and a resource is accessed/managed by a common interface using HTTP standard methods. The data is structured and represented in the QOR Admin interface as a resource.

We add advanced features to the engine by way of plugins. For example, worker+exchange for data import/export, or media for file uploading.

There are also some helpers for front-end needs, such as i18n for Internationalization, and cache for webpage caching.

For the front-end, we leave that work/code to developers (fully flexible) which means you can have fully customisable UI and Router without limitations.

OK, keep this image in your mind and let's go through each part of QOR in more depth...

TIP: It's pretty annoying when updating the helpers/plugins/feature set because they are independent repos, we made a shortcut shell to update here. You can update all QOR components at one time by running this shell.

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