It is possible to specify database table columns as search attributes by using SearchAttrs, the columns will be used to perform search queries.


// Search products with its name, code, category's name, brand's name
product.SearchAttrs("Name", "Code", "Category.Name", "Brand.Name")

If you want to fully customize the search function, you can set the SearchHandler:

order.SearchHandler = func(keyword string, context *qor.Context) *gorm.DB {
  // search orders

Searching by nested relations

It is also possible to specify nested relations.

// Search order by user's name and email. shipping address's contact name, addresses.
order.SearchAttrs("User.Name", "User.Email", "ShippingAddress.ContactName", "ShippingAddress.Address1", "ShippingAddress.Address2")

Search Center

You might want to search a broad range of resources from a single web page, in this case Search Center is for you! Simply add resources that you want to be searchable to the QOR Admin value's search center:

// add resource `product`, `user`, `order` to search resources
Admin.AddSearchResource(product, user, order)

Search Center Online Demo

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