The SEO library allows for the management and injection of dynamic data into HTML tags for the purpose of Search Engine Optimisation. Using the QOR Admin interface, an administrator can easily manage the content of an HTML page's title, description, and meta tags.



// The QorSeoSetting struct is a normal GORM-backend model, need to run migration before using it db.AutoMigrate(&seo.QorSeoSetting{})

// SeoGlobalSetting used to generate Site-wide Settings part type SeoGlobalSetting struct { SiteName string }

SeoCollection = seo.New()

// Configure Site-wide Settings SeoCollection.RegisterGlobalVaribles(&SeoGlobalSetting{SiteName: "ASICS"})

// Configure SEO storage model, you could customize it by embed seo.QorSeoSetting to your custom model SeoCollection.SettingResource = Admin.AddResource(&seo.QorSeoSetting{}, &admin.Config{Name: "SEO", Invisible: true})

// Configure Page Metadata Defaults SeoCollection.RegisterSeo(&seo.SEO{ Name: "Default Page", })

SeoCollection.RegisterSeo(&seo.SEO{ Name: "Category Page", // Defined what Varibles could be using in title, description and keywords Varibles: []string{"CategoryName"}, // Generated a mapping to replace the Variable, e.g. title: 'Qor - ', will be dislayed as 'Qor - Clothing' Context: func(objects ...interface{}) map[string]string { values := make(map[string]string) if len(objects) > 0 { category := objects[0].(Category) values["CategoryName"] = category.Name } return values }, })

## Usage


qorContext := &qor.Context{DB: db}

// render default meta tags
SeoCollection.Render(qorContext, "Default Page")

// render cateogry pages' meta tags
var category Category
db.First(&category, "code = ?", "clothing")
SeoCollection.Render(qorContext, "Category Page", category)

Structured Data

// micro search
  URL:    "",
  Target: "",

// micro contact
  URL:         "",
  Telephone:   "080-0012-3232",
  ContactType: "Customer Service",

// micro product
  Name: "Kenmore White 17 Microwave",
  Image: "",
  Description: "0.7 cubic feet countertop microwave. Has six preset cooking categories and convenience features like Add-A-Minute and Child Lock."
  BrandName: "ThePlant",
  SKU: "L1212",
  PriceCurrency: "USD",
  Price: 100,
  SellerName: "ThePlant",

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