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Name Type Default Description
Collection interface{} Specify the options of the select. Accepts a 1 or 2 dimensional array
AllowBlank bool false Add a close icon beside the select, which clears the current selection when clicked
SelectionTemplate string Accept a file path to overwrite default select template. Default path is /metas/form/select_one
SelectMode string "select" Set the data source of the options: "select", "select_async", or "bottom_sheet"
Select2ResultTemplate template.JS Same as select2's option templateResult
Select2SelectionTemplate template.JS Same as select2's option templateSelection
RemoteDataResource *Resource Works in conjunction with theSelectMode configuration, when set to "select_async" or "bottom_sheet" the value represents the data resource


Set option manually

In a hypothetical project, to change the Meta type of the Gender field in User resource from string (default value) to select_one, with options M | F, one might use the following code:

user.Meta(&admin.Meta{Name: "Gender", Type: "select_one", Config: &admin.SelectOneConfig{Collection: []string{"M", "F"}}})

Add clear icon to clear current selection

u.Meta(&admin.Meta{Name: "Gender", Type: "select_one", Config: &admin.SelectOneConfig{Collection: []string{"M", "F"}, AllowBlank: true}})

Generate options by data from the database

This is an example of generates options by the languages in the database. The Collection option accept a function with context *admin.Context parameter. You can get the database by context.GetDB() function. The returned value should be a [][]string array.

  user.Meta(&admin.Meta{Name: "Language", Label: "Locale", Type: "select_one",
    Config: &admin.SelectOneConfig{
      Collection: func(_ interface{}, context *admin.Context) (options [][]string) {
        var languages []models.Language

        for _, n := range languages {
          idStr := fmt.Sprintf("%d", n.ID)
          var option = []string{idStr, n.NameWithCountry()}
          options = append(options, option)

        return options

Overwrite default SelectionTemplate

u.Meta(&admin.Meta{Name: "Gender", Type: "select_one", Config: &admin.SelectOneConfig{Collection: []string{"M", "F"}, SelectionTemplate: "metas/form/customised_select_one.tmpl"}})

The above code snippet is taken from the qor-example project. The full path of the SelectionTemplate in qor-example is app/views/qor/metas/form/customised_select_one.tmpl. For more about how to define/use custome templates, have a look at QOR view paths.

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