Audited is used to record the last user who created and/or updated your GORM model. It does so using a CreatedBy and UpdatedBy field. While Audited can be used alone (with GORM), it integrates nicely with QOR to log and display this extra information.


Register GORM Callbacks

Audited utilizes GORM callbacks to log data, so you will need to register callbacks first:

import (

db, err := gorm.Open("sqlite3", "demo_db")

Making a Model Auditable

Embed audited.AuditedModel into your model as an anonymous field to make the model auditable:

type Product struct {
  Name string


import ""
import ""

func main() {
  var db, err = gorm.Open("sqlite3", "demo_db")
  var currentUser = User{ID: 100}
  var product Product

  // Create will set product's `CreatedBy`, `UpdatedBy` to `currentUser`'s primary key if `audited:current_user` is a valid model
  db.Set("audited:current_user", currentUser).Create(&product)
  // product.CreatedBy => 100
  // product.UpdatedBy => 100

  // If it is not a valid model, then will set `CreatedBy`, `UpdatedBy` to the passed value
  db.Set("audited:current_user", "admin").Create(&product)
  // product.CreatedBy => "admin"
  // product.UpdatedBy => "admin"

  // When updating a record, it will update the `UpdatedBy` to `audited:current_user`'s value
  db.Set("audited:current_user", "dev").Model(&product).Update("Code", "L1212")
  // product.UpdatedBy => "dev"

QOR Demo:

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