QOR Admin allows you to integrate your current authentication methods by providing an interface for common Authentication related tasks. For instance, you could integrate AuthBoss with QOR Admin.

Note: to solve your Authorization needs, please refer to Roles.

What you need to do is implement an Auth interface like below, and set it in the QOR Admin value.

type Auth interface {
  GetCurrentUser(*Context) qor.CurrentUser // get current user, if don't have permission, then return nil
  LoginURL(*Context) string // get login url, if don't have permission, will redirect to this url
  LogoutURL(*Context) string // get logout url, if click logout link from admin interface, will visit this page

Here is an example:

type Auth struct{}

func (Auth) LoginURL(c *admin.Context) string {
  return "/login"

func (Auth) LogoutURL(c *admin.Context) string {
  return "/logout"

func (Auth) GetCurrentUser(c *admin.Context) qor.CurrentUser {
  if userid, err := c.Request.Cookie("userid"); err == nil {
    var user User
    if !DB.First(&user, "id = ?", userid.Value).RecordNotFound() {
      return &user
  return nil

func (u User) DisplayName() string {
  return u.Name

// Register Auth for QOR Admin

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