QOR overview

QOR is a set of libraries written in Go that abstract common features needed for business applications, Content Management Systems (CMS), and E-commerce systems (EC).

Typically, a QOR-based system will revolve around QOR Admin, which is the CMS component. QOR Admin facilitates easy database and media content management and is not bound to a single database technology.

The bulk of QOR's multifaceted capabilities lie in the plugins, they can be used independently but their super-powers shine when used together. Many of the plugins utilize GORM as ORM.

We, The Plant, utilise QOR on our own projects and are interested to hear about yours and your experience in using QOR - there are a number of ways to contribute and communicate with us and the QOR community:

To keep up-to-date with QOR developments, subscribe to one or more of the following:

For security issues, please send us an email to [email protected] and give us time to respond BEFORE posting as an issue or reporting on public forums.

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