Resources are something that can be administered through the QOR Admin's user interface, often a GORM backend model.

Add a resource to QOR Admin

// GORM-backend model
type User struct {
  Email     string
  Password  string
  Name      sql.NullString
  Gender    string
  Role      string
  Addresses []Address

// Add it to Admin
user := Admin.AddResource(&User{}, &admin.Config{Menu: []string{"User Management"}})

Resource Configuration

Available options when customize a Resource inside admin.Config are:

Name Type Default Description
Name string Display name of the resource
Menu []string Menu setting of the resource, check Menus for detail
Permission *roles.Permission Control the authority of the resource, check Roles for detail
Themes []ThemeInterface Set customized theme for the resource
Priority int Control the display sequence in menu, ordered by ASC
Singleton bool false Set the resource is a single object or multiple objects. e.g. "SEO setting" vs "Users"
Invisible bool false Set whether the resource is visible in menu
PageCount int 20 Pagination setting, Set how many records shall be shown per page

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