Data Processing & Validation


Application Level Validations

If you want to have some global validations for your application, you could use QOR Validation, it is a GORM extension, it could be used to validate models when creating, updating.

Admin Level Validations

If you only want to validate data from QOR Admin, QOR Admin Validator is for you, it will check data before decode form/JSON data to the struct.

store := Admin.AddResource(&Store{})

  Name: "check_has_name" // register another validator with same name will overwirte previous one
  Handler: func(record interface{}, metaValues *resource.MetaValues, context *qor.Context) error {
    // Get meta's value from metaValues, metaValues is a struct that hold all post data
    if meta := metaValues.Get("Name"); meta != nil {
        if name := utils.ToString(meta.Value); strings.TrimSpace(name) == "" {
            return validations.NewError(record, "Name", "Name can't be blank")
    return nil

Process data before saving to database

Application Level Processor

If you want to process some data before saving it into the database, and have it globally, GORM callbacks is perfect for your case.

Admin Level Processor

But when you only want to process data that from QOR Admin, you can use QOR Admin Processor, it can process data after decoding them into the struct, but before saving them into the database, use it like:

  Name: "process_store_data", // register another processor with same name will overwirte previous one
    Handler: func(value interface{}, metaValues *resource.MetaValues, context *qor.Context) error {
        if store, ok := value.(*Store); ok {
      // do something...
        return nil

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