Collection Edit

Collection edit is generated by has many associations automatically. For example, a hypothetical project's 'Product' that has many ColorVariations may be setup as follows:

type Product struct {
  Name            string
  Description     string
  ColorVariations []ColorVariation

type ColorVariation struct {
  ProductID uint
  Product   Product
  ColorName string
  ColorCode string

QOR will generate a sub-form inside the 'Product' section of QOR Admin, it is displayed in a slide-out sheet[1]:

Collection edit

Customize fields inside nested form

You can customize attribute of Parameter resource by:

product := Admin.AddResource(&Product{})
colorVariationRes := product.Meta(&admin.Meta{Name: "ColorVariation"}).Resource

colorVariationRes.NewAttrs("ColorName", "ColorCode")


type CollectionEditConfig struct {
    Template string
    Max      uint
  • Template

    Template accept a file path to overwrite default collection edit template, which usually used when writing plugins to customize collection edit's template.

    Refer sorting for collection edit as an example.

  • Max

    Maximum count of records could be created with collection edit.

[1] note: slide-out sheet is not an official Material Design element, but we think it really helps maintain context when editing!

Common Meta types

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