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Initailize Mailer

Mailer will support multiple sender adaptors, it works similar, you need to initialize a Mailer first, then use it to send emails.

Here is how to use gomail to send emails

import (
    gomail ""

func main() {
    // Config gomail
    dailer := gomail.NewDialer("", 587, "user", "123456")
    sender, err := dailer.Dial()

    // Initialize Mailer
    Mailer := mailer.New(&mailer.Config{
        Sender: gomailer.New(&gomailer.Config{Sender: sender}),

Sending Emails

import "net/mail"

func main() {
        TO:          []mail.Address{{Address: "[email protected]", Name: "jinzhu"}},
        From:        &mail.Address{Address: "[email protected]"},
        Subject:     "subject",
        Text:        "text email",
        HTML:        "html email <img src='cid:logo.png'/>",
        Attachments: []mailer.Attachment{{FileName: "gomail.go"}, {FileName: "../test/logo.png", Inline: true}},

Sending Emails with templates

Mailer is using Render to render email templates and layouts, please refer it for How-To.

Emails could have HTML and text version, when sending emails,

It will look up template hello.html.tmpl and layout application.html.tmpl from view paths, and render it as HTML version's content, and use template hello.text.tmpl and layout application.text.tmpl as text version's content.

If we haven't find the layout file, we will only render template as the content, and if we haven't find template, we will just skip that version, for example, if hello.text.tmpl doesn't exist, we will only send the HTML version.

        TO:      []mail.Address{{Address: Config.DefaultTo}},
        From:    &mail.Address{Address: Config.DefaultFrom},
        Subject: "hello",
    mailer.Template{Name: "hello", Layout: "application", Data: currentUser},

Mailer View Paths

All templates and layouts should be located in app/views/mailers, but you could change or register more paths by customizing Mailer's AssetFS.

import ""

func main() {
    assetFS := assetfs.AssetFS().NameSpace("mailer")

    Mailer := mailer.New(&mailer.Config{
        Sender: gomailer.New(&gomailer.Config{Sender: sender}),
        AssetFS: assetFS,

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